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The NBM2317
Efficiently Bridging 12V to 48V Computing Solutions Automotive Solutions

750W continuous, 1kW peak power

750W continuous, 1kW peak power

The NBM provides bidirectional 48V to 12V conversion with 98% peak efficiency at 750W continuous and 1kW peak power in a package less than 3.3cm3. Switching at 1.7MHz, the NBM takes up a fraction of the space consumed by slow switching (sub 1MHz) solutions requiring a large multiplicity of discrete components. The NBM responds to transient loads quickly (1 microsecond) while maintaining its output within a narrow voltage band. A complete power solution, the NBM delivers voltage essentially free of noise without requiring external filters, bulk caps, hot swap or in-rush current limiting.

Benefits of the NBM

Benefits of the NBM


98% peak efficiency


Less space than discrete designs

Fast transient

Fast transient response for multiple loads

Parallel capability

Parallel capable for higher power

Data center solutions for 48V and 12V infrastructures

Artificial Intelligence is driving rapid change in data centers and high-performance computing. Increased processor speeds are required to support AI machine learning, driving commensurate increases in the power required by XPUs. While state-of-the-art GPU-enabled computing systems use 48V for increased power capability and total system efficiency, many systems still rely on legacy 12V infrastructure and 12V loads. The NBM enables migration from 12V to 48V systems.

State-of-the-art 48V GPUs within an existing 12V infrastructure

Powering 48V computing within an existing 12V infrastructure

12V CPU/memory solutions within a 48V infrastructure

12V solutions for a computing 48V infastructure

Automotive/EV solution for 48V distribution to 12V legacy subsystems

Energy storage and power distribution within vehicles are migrating to 48V to supply high power demands and reduce distribution wiring weight. NBMs convert power from a single battery through 48V distribution providing 12V to remote legacy loads where needed. Learn more about Vicor automotive solutions.

12V legacy loads powered from 48V battery and 48V power distribution

12V legacy loads in automotive powered by 48V

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Input: 12V or 48VOutput: 12V or 48VPower: 750W bidirectional continuous power
Dimensions: 23.0 x 17.0 x 7.5mmEfficiency: 98% peak efficiency